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Scottish Online Business of the Year

Introducing great customers to amazing businesses

Brel Bar & Restaurant, 19,500+ meals sold
Danny Macaskill Stunt Show, 2,400+ tickets sold
itison Drive-In Movies, 23,000+ tickets sold
Carrick Spa at Cameron House, 14,700+ spa visits sold

I started itison in 2009 after years of promoting businesses and events, including my own. I found that you can shout as loudly as you like through traditional, expensive marketing methods and see little to no return.

The only way people will become loyal customers is by visiting a business and experiencing first-hand what they have to offer. Our job is to match great customers with amazing businesses, and I'm proud that we make that happen every day.

Oli Norman, founder of itison

World-leading quality with a local touch

We were voted Scotland's number one for daily deals, and we take pride in being the best at what we do.

Our teams live and work across Scotland and the North East, with offices in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle. We want businesses like yours to succeed, and our local knowledge means that we can find the best ways to ensure that you do.

Invested in local business and local people

We work closely with local charities and community groups to help promote great causes.

From supporting the wonderful tradition of Glasgow's West End Festival to helping provide over 140,000 Christmas dinners for the local homeless community, we want to make a difference.

Jen, City Team @ Glasgow's West End Festival

Quality & quantity

We know that daily deals can have a bad reputation, and we understand why. Too many of our competitors have focused on low price and high volume and neither the customer nor the businesses win.

At itison we believe in a better type of daily deal; one focused on quality and trust, which means a great deal for your business and your customers.

Great customers,
time after time after time

The number one reason our customers use itison is to help them discover new places to visit and new places to love.

That's why the businesses we work with love itison customers; they will return to enjoy your business long after your deal has finished.

itison customers said they'd return to a business after they used their voucher

First choice for five-star

More Scottish five-star businesses work with us than any other deals site because they trust us to promote their business whilst never devaluing their brand.

By keeping a strong focus on the best quality, not the cheapest price, we make sure that an itison customer is the right customer for you.

Let's work together.

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